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Visalia Attorneys For Civil Rights And Employment Law

You and your family are protected from abusive or arbitrary action by the government by the United States Constitution. However, all too often individual civil rights are violated by law enforcement, local government and others with political or legal power. Additionally, there are laws that protect the rights of employees in the workplace. These laws protect you against discrimination, harassment, retaliation and other unfair treatment. Whether your civil or employment rights have been violated, an experienced lawyer can provide you with the strong advocacy you need against the government or employers.

At the Law Offices of Melo and Sarsfield, LLP, we are strong advocates for the civil and employment rights of our clients. Our Visalia attorneys have unsurpassed qualifications, as both John Sarsfield and Marguerite Melo are former prosecutors who each have more than 20 years of legal experience. Our entire legal team is prepared to fight vigorously for our clients' rights, working together on every case in order to provide the best possible representation.

Fighting Against Violations Of Your Civil Rights

It is illegal for government officials or employees to retaliate against you because you exercised your freedom of speech, religion, association or other constitutional rights. You also are protected from illegal acts of force or search and seizure by law enforcement, as well as other unlawful actions by the government. If your rights have been violated, it is vital to take legal action against liable parties quickly, or you will lose your ability to file a lawsuit.

Protecting Your Rights In The Workplace

As an employee in California, you are protected against illegal discrimination and harassment in the workplace, as well as the ability to report wrongdoing or engage in union activities without employer retaliation. When it comes to lawsuits for discrimination, retaliation or other matters, there are short statutes of limitation. It is important to take action early to protect your rights.

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